Saving money on plane tickets are a big deal, especially when you go in thinking that your going to spend a fortune and it turns out you don’t. Once your ticket is booked at a price well with-in your budget, spend that extra money in interesting and creative new ways.

Souvenir DIY Projects

With money saved on your plane ticket, buy more souvenirs for yourself, friends and family. This way you can try something new at home with souvenirs you collect while on trips both locally and internationally. Provide great gifts by transforming souvenirs like postcards or key chains into large bulletin boards, or by simply making a collage and framing them. Souvenir DIY projects are memories that can be kept for years to come.

Add an Extra City

When you save money on plane tickets one could also spend money saved by taking an extra excursion that may not have fit into the schedule due to price restrictions. Whether it is a larger more luxuries city or a smaller one, you can easily plan a day trip with a little extra money in your pocket to cross more exciting places of your list.

Activities Galore

Saving money on your plane ticket can also mean adding more activities to your travel itineraries. Whether you are visiting the Caribbean and want to add jet skiing to your list of things to do or your traveling to France for a shopping adventure, you will have an extra bit of cash on hand for any of these activities.

Plane tickets are usually the largest cost for any trip, and the remainder of your trip budget hinges on the cost of your ticket. When you do get the chance to save money on your plane ticket use that extra cash to spice up your trip with souvenirs, extra travel destinations, activities, and more.